Silence strife

I love the following verse from Proverbs in the Passion Translation

A touchy, hot-tempered man picks a fight,

    but the calm, patient man knows how to silence strife.

Proverbs 15:18 (The Passion Translation)

It always reminds me that whenever I am struggling to find patience in a situation, that showing patience is always the best way to stop a disagreement or a conflict.

That said, these words in themselves don’t help me to be a more patient person, but asking God to help me become a more patient person can. Don’t get me wrong, as will all prayers, just because I ask for God’s help to be more patient, doesn’t mean I will suddenly become a more patient person. In fact, all I am assured of is that God will answer my prayer at some point in time. However by recognising that I need to be a more patient person, I now have recognised some of the thoughts and actions I have when I begin ti become impatient, and by recognising when these things happen, I can now take steps to remain patient.

It’s true to say I did not suddenly come to the realisation/recognition of the my thoughts and actions when I begin to become impatient on my own, instead I believe this was God starting to help me to help myself to become more patient.

I continue to pray for patience, as although I recognise my triggers, it still doesn’t stop me from becoming impatient. I simply pray that God will continue to help me to become a more patient individual, so that I can be more helpful, and give constructive feedback/input to others, instead of becoming impatient and then failing to offer any constructive help to others.

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