Christmas is all about Jesus

When do you start preparing for Christmas? I have some friends who I know start preparing for Christmas in January – Yes, right after the busyness of one Christmas has ended, they start preparing for the next Christmas!

This is definitely not me, although every year I say I will be more organised ‘this year’, and every year I end up rushing around trying to get cards written, presents wrapped and delivered in time for Christmas, as well as making sure we have all the food needed for Christmas Day. I have to admit I was actually a little bit more organised this year as my cards and presents are already all bought, written and wrapped, and those that needed to be posted were posted at the start of last week – yes, I wasn’t actually rushing to try and get everything posted just before the last posting date!

But in all the busyness, have you taken the time to pause and consider who Christmas is really all about? Sometimes we can all get so distracted by all the festivities, and preparations we need to do for Christmas, that we can forget to celebrate the real reason we celebrate Jesus.

So whether you are still rushing around trying to get all those last minute things for Christmas, or whether you’re organised and ready for Christmas already, I encourage you to stop, and remember we celebrate Christmas simply because of Jesus.

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