Food, sofa and DVDs

I guess for many of us the festive season often is hectic, busy and stressful as we prepare for Christmas Day, the arrival of family and the preparation of food. However that’s not necessarily the case for everyone. I for one have done not very much, other than eat way too much food, relax on the sofa, and watch Christmas films and other DVDs.

Yes, I still had the hectic build-up to the festive season that some of you will have had, getting gifts bought, wrapped and delivered, and buying and preparing the food for Christmas dinner. However for us, there is just the two of us on Christmas Day, so there’s no pressure to make sure Christmas Dinner is ready at a specific time, as we just ‘go with the flow’ when it comes to when we have dinner. That by the way doesn’t mean that we don’t eat way too much on Christmas Day and generally every day over Christmas and New Year!

After dinner on Christmas Day it’s definitely been a case of relaxing, eat yet more food, and trying to recharge after what has been a very busy few months. So it has been good, as none of us can just keep going all the time, we all need time to relax and chill with nothing we have to do within a specific time, so no pressures.

I’m now looking forward to more lazy days as I enjoy a few more days off before I have to start work again. I hope you have also had time to chill and relax over the festive period too, so that you are ready to face whatever this new year will throw your way.

I hope you have been able to enjoy any time off you’ve been able to have, so you can take the opportunity to just chill.

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