Time stands still but also goes marching on

While sitting browsing the new on my iPad earlier today, I suddenly had an overwhelming sense of being a child still living at home (in this house) with my parents, sitting in pretty much the same place the living room as I was today. However just as quickly as that feeling overwhelmed me, a flood of emotion rained over me, as thought about Mum and Dad, and the memories that had sprung to mind of them.

One minute time had stood still, the next it’s hard to believe how many years have passed since Mum and Dad passed away, and we moved back to the house I had grown up in, Mum and Dad’s house.

Sometimes it seems like just yesterday we moved to the house I had grown up in, but at the same time it seems like a very long time since Mum and Dad were here. It’s strange how our minds can cause us to think about how time has passed in very different ways, at the same time.

It’s good to reminisce and recall good memories of family who are no longer here with us, but it’s also advisable to live for today and the future, and not get caught up in our memories so that we live in the past, as that doesn’t do us or those around us, any good. Easy words to say, but not necessarily the easiest to put into practice!

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