Return to…

For many today, I guess it was a case of returning to your usual weekday routine, with many returning to work (including those working from home) and many kids going back to school after the Christmas break. It’s also the 12th day of Christmas today so I hope you’ve either already taken down, or are about to take down, all your Christmas decorations, so that your home then also returns to its ‘normal’ state!

I’m still on annual leave so although I wasn’t back in my usual working week routine, I did make today the first day of this year where I went for a 45 minute brisk walk. It’s been a few weeks since I last went for a walk or attended my fitness class, so although it was a struggle to motive myself to get out there for a walk, one I was out I enjoyed the fresh (cold!) air, and the walk. Albeit I stopped a couple of times to speak to people I knew along the way. All in all, for me, it was a good return to my walking routine today, so hopefully it’s the first steps (no pun intended), back into my usual daily walking routine.

I hope if you were returning to any sort of routine today again, you had a successful and pleasant day too.

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