Return to (two)…

Yesterday in Return to… I spoke about how yesterday was a day for me to get back into my day brisk walks again after a break of several weeks. It was also a day when many got back into their usual weekday routine after the Christmas break. In other words yesterday was day of returning to tasks or events that we’d put aside for a short period of time so we could have some time off with family.

At the start of another year, it’s also a time when we can think about what lies ahead, our future, and inevitably in thinking about our future, we can often find ourselves looking at our past, as that, and our present, is often what shapes our future. There is already a plan for us, for our future, and that was put together by God long before we were born. Are you following God’s plan for your life, or did you turn away from God last year or prior to that?

If you have turned away from God, maybe now, at the start of 2022, you should be making this the year where you return to God, as he has your future in His hands?

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