Usually when I hear the word reorganisation it’s in relation to another restructure at work, and usually means a change of name for many services, including the one I am part of. That said today is not about another reorganisation or restructure at work, instead it’s about what I’ve been doing in our house today!

We have stairs up to a walk in loft which provides a large amount of space for storage. However since we moved here we’ve had a tendancy to ‘store’ things we don’t need just now in the spare room or on the loft, so as you can imagine, neither and now every organised, and in fact, because of work we needed done a few months ago in the loft, it’s now more difficult than ever to find specific items that are ‘stored’ temporarily in the loft. So today it was time to try and do some reorganisation of the the space in both the spare room and the loft.

Good progress was made with all the spare cleaning materials and toiletries all temporarily boxed, labelled and stacked in the loft; other items in the spare room and loft that we don’t need are now bagged ready to go to the tip or if useable, to a charity shop.

Looking at that loft now you’d think nothing had changed, however the big difference is there’s no longer unboxed items on the floor, as those things have either been boxed (to be kept) or bagged to go to the tip.

It was hard work going up and down to/from the loft and I moved lots of things around, but it does at least feel like the spare room and the loft are in a better state now albeit there’s still a lot to be done…but that’s for another day!

Time now to put my feet up tonight after a busy and productive day!

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