Motivate yourself

Ever had one of those days where you’re not working, you’ve got things you need to do either in the house or elsewhere, but all you want to do is sit and do absolutely nothing?

Days like that are the hardest, so where do you get your motivation from?

For I have to remind myself that get some sort of exercise is the best thing for me, so today, my when all I wanted to do was nothing, I forced myself to get ready and go out for a walk. It wasn’t the briskest of walks, as I just didn’t have the energy or motivation to do so, but it was still a walk that covered a couple of miles.

After getting some fresh air during my walk, I did feel a little more lifelike, and while I did then motivate myself enough to get a few ‘simple’ things done, it was still good to sit down and relax for the majority of the day.

Even on days when you struggle to motivate yourself to do anything, it’s just as important that we still involve God in our day. God knows and understands that we can’t do everything we would want to do, and knows when we need to rest. However don’t let the need for rest become an excuse for not involving God in your day. Instead let God help you find your motivation to get through your day, doing what God directs you to do.

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