Look again

What a strange, and at times, a frustrating but also a successful week it has been at work!

As part of analysing requirements for an IT system, we try to determine the best way to design and build the solution which will not only provide the functionality the customer wants, but will also run efficiently and effectively.

So this week myself and two of my colleagues started to go through our proposed design for a solution again, and low and behold, I found a couple of scenarios that just wouldn’t work with the solution as we had planned it! So back to the drawing board again…we started to walk through our design again from the start of the business process, and soon identified the ‘bits’ of the solution we needed to review/rethink. So after another design session, we think we’ve determined the new design for the solution. So after thinking all the hard work done a number of weeks ago was flawed, we had another look at it and were able to change our design to hopefully (!!!) satisfy all the users requirements.

Sometimes looking back over something previously put away, is good, because a fresh look can help you see the things which previously you missed. Somethings in life are a bit like that, some go to church as youngsters but get disillusioned by why they attend, or why believing in God is beneficial, but if the take another look at church now, years later, they may find it’s not the place they remembered it to be, and God is also not the god they remembered him to be..because he is so much more than just our God.

If you have turned away from God, why no take another look at God, as he is ready and willing to welcome you back to Him, because He has been waiting for you.

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