How are your days going? Are they flying by without you seeming to achieve anything, or are you finding the days are dragging by?

I’ve been finding that my work days have been getting longer, the days flying by quicker, yet at the end of the day, I feel as if I’ve still not achieved much in my day!

I guess having successfully having got a promoted post last summer, I now have even less time to do, what I would call, ‘real work’, and instead now find myself have to chase lots of things which my team have escalated to me, planning all the team workload and how best to use our resources. Don’t get me wrong I’m doing the work I signed up for when I applied for the promoted post, but sometimes I do miss having time to focus on designing/defining solutions.

However on Monday this week, I actually managed to have a day where at the end of it, I could actually say I had a productive day – getting my Project Status report (PSR), Change Request and RAID log updated, and got some User Stories (specifications) written ready for the product owner (system owner) to review/accept them for our developers to start building the solution. It felt like the most productive day I’d had in a while!

For your info, so far the rest of the week hasn’t turned out quite like Monday, but there’s one day to go, so maybe the end of the week will be as productive as the start of the week…

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