Don’t let them be invisible!

Have you ever heard this phrase/saying?

Out of sight, out of mind

In other words, you soon forget people or things that are no longer visible or present in your day to day life.

As Christians when people who normally attend our church or fellowships are absent, it’s only right that you’d expect your fellow christians to notice you are missing, and contact you to check you are ok, wouldn’t you?

How about if you’re absent for a number of weeks, and you’re not ill, would it be unreasonable for some of your fellow Christians to personally check up on you even if they’ve heard someone say you “are ok”?

I have always been a quickly forgotten person throughout my life, as I’ve found, even those I spent lots of time with when growing up, still seem to not remember me. I was never one of the ‘in crowd’ either at school, church, university or any other part of my life, so that always seems to me to be a contributing factor in me being so forgettable.

That said, now as an adult, you’d think those things would have changed, but sadly it seems only a couple of people ever really seem to care if I’m missing, as even a few times recently where I’ve had to contact several individuals in the church, they have made no comment to me, or even asked how I am, despite me not have been at church since before Christmas!

Maybe I expect too much. Maybe other have told them I’m ok, without ever checking with me if that is actually the case. Maybe they just don’t care. Maybe I’m invisible.

These thoughts illustrate perfectly the nagging self-doubt I battle daily about my self-worth. It’s hard to be positive about things at times, when it does seem I must be invisible and no-one cares when I am not there.

On the positive side, I always try to drop those missing from band (Bellshill Salvation Army band), a text/message, when they are missing, as I would hate others to feel how I do when I am missing…Sad thing is I know many others are contacted by other folks to ask after them, and check they are ok, if they are ever missing.

Ultimately it’s important that everyone feels needed, and cared for, and are missed when they fail to attend something for whatever reason. So please, can I urge you to contact those who are ‘out of sight’ so they don’t also become out of your mind, because in contacting them, you may provide just the lift they need.

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