God is visible

Yesterday in Don’t let them be invisible! I spoke about how we must not forget about people just because we can’t see them, specifically if they don’t attend church for a few weeks.

For many of us, we can find it easier to imagine how something should look or sounds, if we can see an image representing that person or thing we can’t see. That for me it definitely how I like things when I need to make a decision about something, I visualise the options and what the outcome may look like for each option, before deciding on the way ahead.

But just as I find I have to visualise the outcome of decisions, before I decide the route to take, so others struggle to believe in God, because they can’t see Him. Yes, we cannot visually ‘see’ God in human form (other than through Christ himself), but we can see the results of His handiwork, and His actions, all around us. And it’s by ‘seeing’ the results of God’s handiwork, that we can believe in Him, and then our faith in God grows exponentially.

For we live by faith, not by what we see with our eyes.

2 Corinthians 5:7 (The Passion Translation)

When we’re struggling with life, who else can we rely on?

When we feel unloved, and no-one cares for us, who still cares for us?

Who else can give us direction when we feel lost, and dont know where to turn?

The answer to all these questions, is ‘God’. If we walk by faith with God, we will ‘see’ God.

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