Power saving mode

Earlier today on Bellshill Salvation Army Band’s Facebook page I shared some devotions. I’d like to share those devotions with you tonight.

Last night I was doing some work on my laptop and didn’t notice that the screen was gradually getting darker and darker. Then I suddenly realised the screen was now so dark that I was struggling to read what I was typing!

It turned out that although I had connected my power cable to my laptop, I hadn’t turned on the power supply! This meant my laptop was running off battery power for hours, so the battery level had dropped so low it had turned ‘power saving mode’ on so the battery would last longer. When ‘power saving mode’ is on, it means that as the battery level decreases on my laptop, the screen dims and the keyboard backlight dims, hence why it become harder to read the screen. Once I realised what had happened, my laptop was easily fixed by simply turning on the power supply to my laptop!

While thinking about what happened with my laptop last night, it reminded me of what life can be like when we try to live life without God. When we try to live life on our own, without God, our struggles can seem harder, and life can seem more difficult, and maybe darker, just like my laptop screen when when my laptop began to run out of battery power. But just as it was easy to fix my laptop by attaching a power cable and making sure it was plugged in and switched on, there is an easy fix for our us too – we simply need to plug into our source of power by coming to Jesus.

When we trust God and rely on Him for all things, he can help us negotiate the things in life that would make us stumble and fall.

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