What we see, what others see

How are you at organising yourself at the start of the day, as far making the best use of your time is concerned?

Me? those I work with tell me that I am very organised, but if when I look at what I do to plan my day, I see disorganisation, and lack of clear planning. It’s funny how what others see in us, is not what we see in ourselves!

This got me wondering…if this is how different my view of myself, and how other see me, as far as my organisational skills is concerned, I wondered whether the way I act and speak is seen by others as the way a Christian would act, or whether they would be surprised if I were to tell them I am a Christian.

I just Peay today that my life to others and especially to God, reflect the Christian values and standards by which I aim to live my life on a daily basis.

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