Yesterday my initial thoughts taken about how others tell me I’m very organised, while I don’t really see it – yes, I try and plan ahead and kept note of outstanding tasks, but I still feel very disorganised.

Today I thought I’d share with you some the tools I use to organise my work day, and my outstanding tasks. Note, we use Windows laptops for work so the tools I use at work are different from those I use in my personal life for organising/planning my blog for example.

You might think because I’m an IT professional that I would use only software apps, or tools to help organise my work day…well I’m going to dismiss that myth right now, because for some tasks, I do still go ‘old-school’ and use paper post-its!

That may have completely surprised you, but for quick notes of things I need to action fairly quickly, or just need to have a reference point at hand, I write them on a post-it note, and then when I’ve actioned the task, I throw out the post-it note.

Don’t worry though, I do also use software apps and tools to manage and plan my day as well – I use OneNote for lists, and for things that I need to record several bits of info against a task, I use a spreadsheet. I did try Microsoft To Do for a week or two, but it just didn’t seem to work for me.

I may end up with lots of post-its all over my desk, but believe me there is order to what to seem, seems like chaos…though maybe to others, based on what I told you yesterday, maybe even my many post-its may seem more organised to others than I think they do!

I know there are way more sophisticated tools/methods I could use to organise /plan my day, but working this way works for me.

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