Thursday thought #5

It’s Thursday, but I wish it was Friday.

It’s only Thursday, but I’m glad it’s not Monday!

It’s Thursday, let’s be positive, it’s nearly the weekend, as tomorrow is Friday.

In the last few weeks I have felt by the time I get to Thursday, it really should be the weekend, as the working week just seems to feel longer and longer. Imagine the disappointment when you think think it’s Friday, and then you realise it’s actually only Thursday. Conversely though if you were to think it’s Wednesday and then realise it’s actually Thursday, that gives you a massive lift, knowing you’re a day nearer your weekend than you thought you were.

This is all a bit like life where we have some part of our lives that are going great and everything is positive. Then there are other parts of our lives where we may be facing challenges or unforeseen problems, and we just want to hide away from this parts of our lives, but we can’t.

I guess without balancing the positive and negative things in our lives, we wouldn’t learn from our experiences and grow as individuals. So whether you find things are more positive than you thought (i.e. you thought it was Thursday but it’s actually Friday), or that your challenges are greater than you feared (i.e. you thought it was Friday but it’s actually only Thursday), remember each day you live through, you learn as you face your challenges head-on.

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