Out-of-office is on!

How good a feeling is that, turning on your out-of-office message at work, in the knowledge that you don’t need to work for the next couple of weeks!

This annual leave for me, definitely seems to have felt as if it’s taken ages to arrive, so thank goodness it’s time for a break. Work has been extremely busy, and pressured for a while now, so I have definitely felt I need a break to recharge and reset to prepare for the next set of challenges.

What does putting your ‘out-of-office message on’ mean to you?

  • Holiday time! Time to get away!
  • Rest and relaxation
  • Quality time with family and/or friends
  • Going to the cinema, concerts or theatre
  • House renovation or decoration work

For me it might be a little of some of all of those things I do during my time off work. The main thing for me is it’s time away from the busyness and pressures of work.

If you’ve still to have time off work for the summer, I hope you have an excellent time off. If you’ve already had your time off, I hope you had a great time off.

For me, it’s now time to chill!

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