Commonwealth Games

The 2022 Commonwealth Games started in Birmingham a couple of days ago (28 July). We’ve been watching some of the events already, and I must admit they brought back some memories for me, as 8 years ago the Commonwealth Game were held in Glasgow, so we were able to go to a few of the events.

The thing I remember most about the events we attended at Glasgow 2014, was just how loud the support was for the Scottish competitors. yes there was a lot of support for the other ‘home nations’ competitors too, but the roar of the Scottish crowds for the Scotland Team was phenomenal!

I guess as the majority of the sports in the commonwealth games, are ones it’s usually a Great Britain team that takes part, it just made it, dare I say, even more special for a the ‘home’ team. So I’m sure those attending events in Birmingham for this year’s Commonwealth Games, will be just as loud and just as vocal for the England team. Although I’m sure there will be lots of Scots who have travelled down to Birmingham to support the Scotland team, and they will do their best to cheer on our team too!

I look forward to watching more great sport, with good competition, and hopefully some records being broken, and of course I hope for lots of medals for the Scotland team!

Good luck to all competitorsCome on Scotland!

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