He knows everything

If you were to meet someone who you’ve never met before, who you know nothing about, you might find it a bit scary if they were to say the following to you.

I would be a bit scared I think, if a complete stranger said those words to me, wouldn’t you?

The thing is, as you may have noticed from the picture, those words are actually from the bible, which means those words are actually directly from God – He’s reminding us that even if we don’t know Him, or don’t believe in Him, He still knows everything about us because He made us.

When we make or build something from scratch ourselves, we know and understand have we constructed it, what we used to put it together, and the effort we put into it. Put that in the context of who made us, God, and it is hopefully clear that God does know everything about us.

Don’t be scared that God knows all about you, because it’s that full knowledge of us that means God knows everything we will think or feel, and so provides everything we need, when we need it.

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