In the last week, we’ve been experiencing abnormally high temperatures in the UK. This isn’t the first time this summer we’ve had unusually high temperatures here’s. However this time, after a few days of glorious sunny and hot weather, the dark clouds rolled in, and the thunderstorms started – thunder, lighting, heavy rain – Meanwhile it’s still hot and muggy, as the thunderstorm hasn’t cleared the air yet. Another day of heat, rain and thunderstorms, and now the clammy heat has gone, and it’s much cooler now.

In this heat it has been hard to concentrate and think, but I have found myself comparing the thunderstorms we’ve experienced following the lovely hot and sunny weather, with the storms, or challenging times, we experience in our lives.

From the highs of life when all is going well, and life couldn’t be better, our lives can change in an instant, by a single action, a phone call, an event…our lives can be turned upside down and we are plunged into the depths of a storm which we can see no end to. It’s in those times that we must remember that God is always with us.

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