A distant memory

We’ve all had a couple of weeks off work as some time, then once we’re back at work less than a day, our time off can feel like a distant memory. I returned to work on Monday this week after 2 weeks annual leave, and there was so much to work through and to get updated on, that it didn’t take long before I felt overwhelmed with information, and so much to catch up on, that this already felt like a long week.

One thing I hate about the ‘return to work’ after a couple of weeks annual leave, is the time it takes to get back up to speed on all that had happened planned or unplanned while you were off. It just seems to take what seems like a long time to start to bring all the work info that was in my head before my annual leave, back into the forefront of my mind again.

So much to do, and so much to get up to speed on again, but it was good to have 2 weeks off when I didn’t think about work, albeit that now seems a long long time ago already.

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