Against the odds

Faithful God by I Am They

I am surrounded  
On every side, can’t see the light of day  
But I am persuaded 
Beyond all hope, You won’t let go of me 
I stake my claim  
On every word You say 
You will not be late  

I will sing through fire and thunder 
Cause You are on my side 
I trust You with my life 
I know my story, it isn’t over 
Even against all odds 
You are a faithful God 
That’s who You are 
You are a faithful God 

The darkest of weather 
Though I can’t see, I still believe You’re good  So I’m moving forward  
Through crashing waves, I know I’m safe with You 
You hold my life  
You hear my cry  
With every breath inside 

I am convinced  
That Your promises will hold together 
And I will dwell 
In the hope of Your love forever

I ‘stumbled’ across the above song on YouTube while looking for a video of another song. That said, I’m glad I did find this one, as it’s a great song, and the words reassure that even in our darkest days, against the odds, God will love us forever, and help us through those dark times.

Remember, against all the odds, God has saved me, and continues to love and guide me, so He can do the same for you!

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