Always Yes

Are you someone who, regardless of who asks you to do something, or what they ask you to do, you always say, ‘Yes’? Or do you evaluate each request on it’s own merit to decide whether it’s a request you want to agree to, or one you want to decline?

Up until a few years ago, I would have said I was definitely the kind of person who always says ‘Yes’ to any request of my time and effort. However in more recent times I have come to realise that in order to take care of my own health and well-being, I can’t say ‘Yes’ to ever request made of me. I’m not trying to be unhelpful anymore, I’ve simply realised I need to care for myself and I can’t do that if I do everything others would like me to do.

So it’s no longer always a ‘Yes’ from me, but instead I now consider each request individually, so sometimes it’s a ‘Yes’, but other occasions I’m sorry, it will be a ‘No’ from me.

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