Say “Yes”!

Earlier today on Bellshill Salvation Army Band’s Facebook page I shared some devotions. I’d like to share those devotions with you tonight.

Have you ever said, “Yes,” to something you were unsure about, and later were glad you did because you learned and grew from the experience?

As Christians we are called to live our lives according to the Gospel, and to be involved in the life of our Church. After that, what He asks of us is specific to each of us individually.

When God asks us to do something, it can sometimes be easy to “Yes” to Him because of what he’s asking of us. Other times we may want to question what God is asking us to do, because we feel we’re not the right person for that job. And then other times we just want to say a definite “No” to God, maybe because he’s asking us to do something out of our comfort zone.

God made us, and created us to be unique individuals with different gifts and talents. So when God asks us to do something, He is asking us to use the gifts He has given us, in ways He wants, and when He wants.

God will never ask us to do something on our own, because He will always be by our side. We can rely on, and trust Him to help and guide us. He will help us to understand what He is asking of us, and will help us to have the courage to say, “Yes,” to His request, regardless of what or where He asks us to do or go.

Then I heard the Lord asking, “Whom should I send as a messenger to this people? Who will go for us?”

I said, “Here I am. Send me.”

Isaiah 6:8 (NLT)

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