The same forever

Earlier today on Bellshill Salvation Army Band’s Facebook page I shared the devotions I shared at band practice last night. I’d like to share those devotions with you tonight.

I’m not one for talking about politics or even about specific politicians, but in the last few weeks it’s been incredibly difficult not to have an opinion about all the changes in prime minister and change of policies (or should I say u-turns on unpopular policies). Maybe that’s why during a conversation on Monday, I was reminded of a chorus by Sydney Cox, one that my mum frequently used to request during chorus time at Rutherglen Salvation Army.

He's the same today as yesterday, 
My great unchanging friend; 
He's the same today as yesterday, 
Just the same unto the end. 
By his mighty power he holds me, 
In his arms of love enfolds me; 
He's the same today as yesterday, 
My great unchanging friend.

Because of this promise, we may boldly say,

The Lord is my help — I won’t be afraid of anything.
How can anyone harm me?

Listen to your leaders, who have spoken God’s word to you. Notice the fruits of their lives and mirror their faith.

Jesus the Anointed One is always the same: yesterday, today, and forever.

Hebrews 13:6-8 (The VOICE)

God never changes. He is the once constant in our ever changing world. But sometimes when we encounter difficulties and stressful situations in life we can forget that God is there with us. In thinking about this I was reminded of a quote I came across a few years ago, which has really stayed with me.

If you are not as close to God as you used to be, who moved?

Unknown author

As the chorus I started with reminded us, “God is the same today, as yesterday, my great unchanging friend”. God is the once constant in an ever changing world.

So, when we find we aren’t as close to God now we used to be, and should be, maybe it’s time for us to move!

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