2 weeks to go!

Two weeks today at this time, we need to have completed our Christmas shopping; wrapped our presents; written our Christmas cards and bought all our food for Christmas Day!

Two weeks!!!! Help!

I’ve not been too well in the last couple of weeks, so the days off work when I’d planned to sort out everything for Christmas, just hasn’t happened as I just haven’t felt up to it. Fortunately I don’t have too many people to buy Christmas presents for, so I’m hopefully that a bit of online shopping in the next couple of days will get me the ideas and gifts I need to purchase for Christmas.

I must be honest and say we’ve not even put up our Christmas tree yet and if I’m honest I’m not sure I can be bothered to do so now. If I can feel better, and get my Christmas cards written and delivered or posted, and presents bought, wrapped and posted or delivered in time, I’ll be happy this year.

Oh, we do have some evidence of Christmas in our house, as we have a large Santa soft toy (I think from head to toe he must be about between about 80cm and 1m) , who is now occupying one of the seats on our sofa. Here’s a photo of a Santa similar to ours.

2 weeks and counting! Good luck everyone!

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