Laugh at yourself

If only I could say that I found thee words to be true!

I’m a bit of a control freak, and I like to know what I’m doing and when. I like to get myself ready so I can be wherever I need to be on time, and I don’t hold anyone up.

I hate doing things wrong, and I hate making a fool of myself even by doing something small wrong. I know I shouldn’t get upset or embarrassed when I get things wrong, as we’re all human and are not perfect.

I need to take a step back and remind myself that it doesn’t matter if I make a fool of myself or get things wrong. But I also need to remind myself that I can and should laugh at myself when I get things wrong, because that way it will make it easier for me to deal with things if/when others laugh at me.

Life isn’t meant to be lived seriously. We aren’t supposed to be perfect. So remember you can laugh when you get things wrong. You have the right to do that, rather than beating yourself up.

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