Another delivery failure

We booked a Tesco home delivery about a week ago for today (Monday) between 1 and 2 pm. We don’t get our food shop delivered very often these days apart from when we’re needing a lot a bulky or heavy items, such as multipack kitchen towels; multipack cans of juice; multiple large bottles of water etc.

So last night (Sunday), we went though our order and made sure everything we wanted was on our order (if it was available). All good, and all ready for our delivery today…or so we thought!

This morning we received an email from Tesco at 9:05 to tell us that they were sorry to tell us they were unable to fulfil our order so had cancelled it! We had a similar issue with Sainsbury’s during lockdown, but they at least gave us the option to go and collect the order from the store instead fit being delivered, but no such option today from Tesco. It is worse than that, as they had already charged us for the order, and informed us that although they had refunded it to us, it would take between 3 and 5 days to go through, so we’re now out of pocket.

Shocking service from Tesco today.

End of another delivery rant!

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