Return to normal?

Can you believe what I’ve called this blog post? If you know me well, you’ll know that I believe there’s no such thing as ‘normal’, as each one of us is different and therefore what is normal for one is not the norm for another.

Anyway, back to today – For some this will be a return to work after the two days off for Christmas Day and Boxing Day, but again I’m not sure for some you can consider these normal days. I know for my office, it is closed, so those who are working these days between Christmas and New Year, are expected to work from home. That said, that doesn’t affect me, as I’m on leave this week and next, so I’m not allowing any thoughts of work related matters into my mind for now.

When I mentioned earlier about ‘normal’, what did you think of? Did you think of what you perceive your normal to be, or what you think others consider normal to be?

I try not to get caught up in what ‘normal’ means, for the reasons I mentioned earlier. However what will say is today was not a normal kind of day for me, as I’m on leave from work, and because I’m not feeling 100%, what I am doing during the day is not what I had planned to be doing.

Enjoy doing whatever your ‘normal’ is today, and every day!

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