Week #2 of work 2023

I had a four day working week in my first week back at work this year, and then this week it was just a three day working week. It felt like much longer than just three days at work this week as I worked Monday, Tuesday, then off Wednesday, Thursday and then back at work on Friday. This has mean I feel as if I’ve worked two weeks instead of one, as it feels like I had a ‘weekend’ in the middle of the week, and I’m not sure I liked that. Unfortunately though I’m doing the same again next week as due to other people’s holidays I couldn’t take the Friday off next week either.

Monday and Tuesday this week were extra busy with lots of meetings again. While Friday with so few people working seemed very quiet, though that meant I did actually manage to get some work done since I only had a couple of short meetings. That was definitely a positive!

I have loads to do, so it was good to get a ‘run at’ some of it yesterday (Friday), rather than spending a short while on something, then getting interrupted by a call from one of my team or another colleague, or having to attend a meeting – It’s all work I need to do, but it can be frustrating at times when I don’t get time to focus or allocate a sufficient amount of time on something, to be able to make progress.

But hey, juggling meetings, allocating work for my team, answering questions and planning, are all part of my job, so I need to be a good juggler!

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