Week #7 of work 2023

Week 7 of work this another busy week, full of meetings, planning, training and of course some challenges.

I wasn’t in the office this week as I was on a training course from Microsoft every morning this week, so it is easier to concentrate on a course when working from home rather than in the office. It was a good course, as it gave us loads of useful information, while also identifying loads of work that we need to undertake in the coming weeks and months. Helpfully though the outcome of the course is a report from Microsoft giving their recommendations of things we need to do, and have put a suggested priority on each, so will give us a good starting point.

I had a wee half flexi day on Tuesday afternoon as I needed some personal time off on Tuesday to remember my Dad, who passed away 10 years ago on Tuesday. We took the opportunity to visit the cemetery and lay flowers on my Mum and Dad’s grave.

Anyway, back to work…We’re under pressure to complete a number of developments in the next few weeks, so it can be frustrating when some interrupt our developers to ask questions that I’ve already answered to their manager, and also when our developers decide themselves what is their priority instead of following the priorities in our backlog, or if in doubt ask!

Our development team are making great progress, and if we continue to focus on our priority work, we will succeed in delivering completed solutions on time, over the next few weeks.

We can do this team if we continue to focus on our priority work items, and don’t get distracted by questions from others, or get bogged down in the detailed requirements that they forget the aim is to provide a useable solution within specific timescales.

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