My week in review – week #10 2023

What a week this has been! On Monday after not feeling too well on Sunday and Monday I convinced my husband to take a Covid test, and much to our surprise it came back positive!

We have been very careful and when in public (indoors) we’re both still wearing our masks to try and protect ourselves, as my husband is at high risk of becoming severely unwell from Covid. So it definitely was a bit of a surprise to find he had tested positive. Because he’s at high risk husband had to report his positive test to NHS, and was then sent anti-viral drugs to try and prevent him experiencing severe side-effects. There was only one problem with the anti-viral drugs my husband got, they interact with some of the other medications he takes, so he has had to stop some of those medications while he takes the anti-viral drugs.

So since then I’ve spend more time than I care to think about wiping down all the rooms where my husband has been, and we’ve been sleeping in separate rooms, all in an attempt to stop me catching Covid.

My Covid tests were all coming back negative, despite me starting to get a bit of a cough on Thursday. That was until today, when I took another Covid test and it came back positive! So my husband decided to share! Thanks!

Other than our positive Covid tests this weeks, it’s actually been an OK week, with things at work (in the whole) going well, as the team managed to complete all the development work we had planned to complete by the end of this week. Albeit we were unable to deploy it to testing environments as solution we were left by our delivery partners had intertwined several solutions together making it extremely difficult to deploy the solution. The team are now working with Microsoft to try and get a resolution to the problem.

We still have a few solution to complete development of before the end of March, but so far so good, my team are on track to complete this work on schedule. We are continuing to get requests to work on other ‘priority’ items’, so I feel like a stuck record as I keep repeating that ‘we have no capacity to take on additional work’. Something has to give if we do have to take on additional work as there’s no way we can deliver the already agreed items, plus any additional items, before the end of this financial year

All in all, it’s been a very mixed week. I just hope both me and my husband can rid ourselves of Covid without suffering any serious side-effects.

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