My week in review – week #14 2023

I believe this last working week was only 4 day – but it certainly hasn’t felt like just a 4 day week! It’s been a very long and a very busy and stressful week at work again. So I was extremely glad when we got to the end of Thursday as I’m now off for Easter weekend, so no more work until Tuesday. So hoping to empty my mind of all things work related, and just chill and recharge this weekend as the last few weeks have been tough.

I’ve also had to book an exam for the end of the month for a course I did a work a few months ago, but as it’s been a few months, I’ll need to do some revision. What I don’t like about this is it’s a closed book exam which means we have to do the exam from memory, and as I struggle with my memory at times this just piles the pressure on me again. For me is it doesn’t make sense the exam being ‘closed book’ as in reality if I’m going to use some of the learning from the course, I will refer to my training manual and my notes to ensure I do what is require. i.e. I won’t rely on my memory!

Added to that I’ve had quite a lot to do for Bellshill Salvation Army Band’s social media posts for this week and Easter weekend too, and at the moment, I’m get what I need to get done for that ‘just in time’, which I hate doing, as I like to be organised and everything ready long before it’s needed. However because of the long hours I’ve been doing at work recently, I’ve just wanted to do nothing when I sign-off for the day, which has left me having to sort out all the required posts and videos at the last minute this year.

And breath!

Added to this my husband hasn’t been feeling too great for a few weeks, and despite getting medication etc from GP, that hasn’t helped yet. This has put added pressure on me, as it means I have to do more. for him also.

Next week at work is another 4 day week, and I know a number of people are on annual leave, so hoping it will be a less pressured, less stressful week. I can but hope can’t I?!

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