My Week

What week this has been! Unfortunately on all fronts it has been a week full of mostly lows, but the odd high in amongst it.

The week started off badly at work when I got told the project I’ve been working on for the last 15 months has basically been put on hold and then in the afternoon had a very negative meeting – Monday was such a demotivating day (Read all about it in Demotivation).

Tuesday I was only at work in the morning. That sounds good but the whole morning was taken up with another meeting which I thought would end up being a negative and argumentative meeting, however I was pleasantly surprised that it turned out to be an ok meeting after all – all thanks I think to the meeting facilitator, who did an excellent job!

Tuesday afternoon saw me at the hospital with hubby. He’s been off work for a few weeks and so we were hoping for answers or solutions, however it seems there’s no quick fix, so an increase in meds was prescribed. Tuesday night was the fist night of the increased meds, and unfortunately since then, hubby seems to be as unwell as he was when he was first off. This is getting both of us down and I must admit I’m finding it quick stressful as I’ve not really been feeling to good myself but have had to keep going for hubby’s sake.

Wednesday at work was a strange day, I was feeling quite sore when I got to work, only to discover we had a team meeting to go to…they are always such a highlight in everyone’s diary…not! Meeting over and still not feeling great. Had a good chat with a colleague and offered support and someone to listen if ever it was needed – Hopefully I am able to support my colleague through a time of difficulty. I pray God will help me to be what my colleagues need me to be. The rest of the day seemed to take about 2 days to pass – The work I was doing was not exactly inspiring so I suspect that had something to do with the clock seeming to be on a go slow!

Thursday feeling better but tired after hubby had a particularly restless night, but made it to work happy that it was the last working day of the week. Got a phone call about midday from home to tell me our iPad had arrived! Woohoo! But I still had another half day to go at work 😦

One of my colleagues kept trying to convince me to go home at lunchtime and get the iPad and then bring it into office in the afternoon. I declined as I pointed out if I went home at lunchtime I wouldn’t come back in the afternoon! I was just going to have to wait a few more hours to get home to my new iPad.

Thursday night was iPad night…what an amazing bit of technology! We both already have iPod Touch’s, however the iPad was just so much better. Great size, not too heavy, fantastic graphics and screen resolution, speedy internet connectivity, wonderful interface, and finally some great apps to put on it! All in all, definitely worth the money – I’m sure the iPad will become the “in-thing” in Apple products just like the iPhone has.

Thursday night saw hubby being really unwell again, so neither of us got much sleep. So when the alarm when off this morning, guess what I did? I reset it and went back to sleep for another hour! N.B. No work today, it’s a bank holiday here 🙂

Once I finally got up, I did some housework and then headed over to Mum and Dad’s before I went to the hairdressers. Another low point of the week, Dad seems to be getting worse each time I see or talk to him and is getting more arguemental with us, particularly my Mum which just isn’t my Dad. In addition his memory seems to be deteriorating quickly and he just seems to want to sleep all the time. It’s so sad to see. Mum’s putting on a brave face but it must be so very hard for her. I really wish I could do more.

It now Friday night and I’m totally shattered…but not too tired to have another play with the iPad!

I hope your week has been full of more highs than lows. If not, remember whatever you’re problems, God is with you!

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  1. Hi Dot
    Sorry to hear your week has been so up and down and I do hope that for both you and Sandy things will improve.

    Life can be a struggle when husbands, partners, parents, children and friends become ill. The situation with your Dad is one which as you know Chalmers had to face up to. Like your Mum I had to try and show a brave but underneath was so tired and weary that it did begin to take its toll on me. I guess for your Mum this is the same. Just to let you know that I pray for all of you during these days that God will be with you all. Just keep your faith strong – easy to say but hard to do- take care love to you all

    Jean x


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