Worthing – Morning Devotions

As you’ll be aware from by blog posts the last couple of days (Emotional but Thankful and Emotional but Praying), you’ll be aware that Bellshill Salvation Army Band were in Worthing to conduct the services these this weekend, but I was unable to go with them, due to my health.

I was obviously very disappointed not be able to go with the band, however there was some consolation in the fact that I was asked to prepare the devotions for the band for prior to the morning meeting today – Before the band lead or take part in any service we spend time in devotion, preparing and focusing ourselves for the service.

So I thought it might be nice to share with you what I prepared for the band devotions for this morning. The theme for this morning’s meeting was I Am The Light of The World, so I prepared my devotions around this:

Firstly can I take this opportunity to say I wish I was there with you guys.  However be assured that I will be thinking about you all this weekend. I pray the weekend goes well and that many are blessed by the message you bring to them. Thanks for letting me be part of the weekend by preparing the devotions for this morning. Dot


“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (John 8:12 NIV).

Lord, this world is a dark place for many these days, but for those of us gathered here, we know that you are the light of the world. We believe it is our responsibility to be your candle in this dark world and through your help bring others into your light. Be with us in the next few minutes while we think about these responsibilities.


Everyone has the ability to be a candle of Lord, however many do not fulfill that potential and thus remain as unlit candles. As Christians, God requires us to be His candles, so we must remember that we are only a light in this world, while we are living in the Light of Christ. By shining His light, we give light to others, and make every place we go brighter, because we are filling it with His love and His grace.


Jesus bids us shine with a clear, pure light,
Like a little candle burning in the night;
In the world of darkness, so we must shine,
You in your small corner, and I in mine.

One light or candle by itself can shine a limited light on its own, however the more lights or candles together, the brighter and stronger the light. This is just like us, as a band, together we have the ability to work together, and together shine as one great light. Together we can reach far into the darkness, brightening and touching many lives.

While preparing these devotions, I came across the following:

Great lighthouse lamps pour beams far out to sea, but it does not lighten the space around its base. Some people send brightness far away while failing to brighten their own homes and the lives of those around them. Though it is incumbent upon us to influence as far as possible, let us not forget to be a benediction to those nearest to us.

While as a band we can work together and spread God’s love to many,we must never forget those closest to us who need to be reminded of our love for them, and more importantly, God’s love for them.


Come Beautiful Christ
Radiate they beauty in me.
Tis thee I adore,
What can I ask more
Than to live for thee, beautiful Christ

“I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.”

Now as we prepare for morning worship here, let us concentrate on shining our light on the people of Worthing. We can make a difference in their lives by showing them that Christ is the Light of the World, and that through belief in Him we can forever live in His light.

Before we close in prayer can I leave the words of the song Go Light Your World with you…

There is a candle in every soul
Some brightly burning, some dark and cold
There is a Spirit who brings a fire
Ignites a candle and makes His home

Frustrated brother, see how he’s tried to
Light his own candle some other way
See now your sister, she’s been robbed and lied to
Still holds a candle without a flame

Cause We are a family whose hearts are blazing
So let’s raise our candles and light up the sky
Praying to our Father, in the name of Jesus
Make us a beacon in darkest times

So Carry your candle, run to the darkness
Seek out the hopeless, confused and torn
Hold out your candle for all to see it
Take your candle, and go light your world


Lord, help us today to be your candle, to light the darkness of someone gathered here this morning. Help us to continue to work together a band shining your light wherever we travel. Help us continue to support one another so that we all remain in the light of God’s love. We pray particularly for David as he leads this morning worship, Olwyn as she sings “Written In Red” and Ian as he leads the band. I pray the message from David and Olwyn, and from the band, may each touch someone this morning, so that they see God’s light of love, and accept it for themselves.

Be with each band member here this morning, may they each continue to shine your light for the right reason.


Thanks to everyone who has supported the band in prayer this weekend.


  1. Thanks for sharing the devotional. Your blog caught my eye today as it’s the 191st anniversary of the birth of Susan Warner, author of “Jesus Bids Us Shine.” If you enjoy reading about our hymns and gospel songs, I invite you to check out my daily blog on the subject. Meanwhile, let’s keep shining!


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