Snow Day

heavy snow + overnight = unable to get to work!

…but I did work from home instead so it didn’t end up being a day off.

So for the first time ever in all my working days, I was unable to get to work due to the severe weather here.

Hubby and me decided to go to work in the one car today so that we would at least be together if there were any problems (our offices are quite close to each other so it’s quite easy for us to travel together).

So at about 8am after digging out the car (a good few inches had fallen overnight), we slowly made our way out of our estate to the main road. When we got to the main road we were confronted with solid traffic in both directions going virtually nowhere! Eventually we joined the queue of traffic on what felt like a skating rink underneath…very scary. So after about 40 mins of going about 30 yards we decided this was pointless, at least for the time being, so when we finally reached the first turn off, we turned and drove the few yards back to our house.

I phoned my office at this point to find neither my boss nor any of my team mates were in yet, but left a message to say we were struggling to get in but would give it another go in a wee while.

So about 9.45am we headed out again…it was still snowing heavily at this point…only to be met by one of our neighbours who informed us that the traffic outside our estate was still going nowhere and it was like that for miles around us. So we got to the exit of our estate, confirmed the traffic was still gridlocked and turned and went home again.

I managed to get my boss at this point, it had taken her a long time, but she’d made it into work eventually. I explained to her what the situation was like here and agreed with her I would work from home today.

Hubby on the other hand was determined to try and get to work today, so about 11.30am once the gridlock outside our estate seemed to have cleared a bit, he headed off to work. He got to work over an hour later (it usually takes about 20-25 minutes!). He informed me that the both the weather and the roads were a lot worse in our area than they were around our work, so seems we made the right decision not to travel this morning.

It snowed very heavily much of the day thereafter, so I was happy I decided to stay put and work from home. Although hubby got away early because of the weather so he was home around 5pm.

So my first snow day when I’ve been working…I could get used to this!

For those who did have to travel to/from work/appointments today, I hope you had a safe journey and got to your destination…even if it did take you longer than anticipated.

Stay safe and warm this winter.

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