Another Snow Day?

Well got up this morning to find yet another few inches of snow had fallen overnight. So what to do…hubby had hospital appointment at the other side of Glasgow this morning so we couldn’t attempt to get to work in one car. So do I try and drive to work, see if I can get a bus to work, or admit defeat and see if I can work from home again today?

End result…

I checked the First Bus website to see if the bus I needed to catch was running and it was, so that decided me…I’d forget the car (I’d have had to dig it out first and the roads still looked really bad), and walk to the nearest bus stop and try and get a bus to work. So at 7.50am wearing several layers of clothes, I left the house and headed to the bus stop.

…and so I waited for the bus that was due every 10/15 minutes…at 8.40am the bus arrived, quite busy but I still managed to get on. I heard a number of folk comment on the bus that the trains on our local routes had been cancelled, so that explained why the bus was much busier than usual.

After a reasonable journey, I arrived at my destination safe and sound…thank you First Bus! So no second “snow day” for me 😦

My observations when I arrived at my destination were that the snow there was nothing like as deep as at was at our home…no wonder we ended up having a snow day yesterday!

Throughout the day we had some very heavy snow showers followed by some very bright sunshine, so a number of us kept checking the bus and train website to ensure our buses or trains were still running.

Thankfully my bus continued to run all day so at 4.15pm I left the office and managed to get a bus home within a few minutes. Result! I was home by 5.10pm which was great, as that’s earlier than I’m usually home from work.

I will reassess tomorrow morning if and how I’m going to travel to work based on the overnight weather and the roads conditions in the morning.

I hope you all manage to stay safe and warm this winter.

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