Our expectation in ourselves must be higher than our expectation in others. ~ Victor Manuel Rivera

Personally, I expect perfection from myself in everything I do, so no wonder I’m always disappointed with myself! lol

Thankfully though I recognised a number of years ago that I was a perfectionist, and therefore have learned not to be too hard on myself when I fail to be perfect. i.e. Every time I do anything!


Because I’m a perfectionist, I must admit I get frustrated and disappointed when others don’t live up to my high standards, even although I don’t meet my own expectations of myself. But in the same way I have tried to be less critical of myself when I don’t meet my expectations, I now try to be more tolerant towards others – although if I’m honest I do still find I get frustrated at both myself and others when things aren’t done quite as I expect, or aren’t done as accurately as required, or maybe just not completed as quickly as expected.

I hope my expectations of myself are higher than those I have of others, as after all I can only actively affect my own achievements, as ultimately it’s up to others what they achieve.

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