I recently had a conversation with a friend about how we both thought we weren’t very proficient at a task/role that we each have to undertake. We both expressed our annoyance/disappointment with ourselves at the mistakes we were making, however to each other, we were both doing well!

As I said to my friend, I guess as we are both perfectionists we don’t like the imperfections in ourselves, including those imperfections which only we see.

Being a perfectionist has its positives, as we always strive to do everything perfectly, but that in itself is a negative unless we learn to accept that we cannot be perfect – It would be great if we could but realistically that isn’t ever going to happen for us or anyone else.

We must therefore accept ourselves as we are, imperfections and all, otherwise we will never truly be happy as we will never be perfect.



  1. GodGirl says:

    So true. ‘Just do it’!

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