Unstoppable is a word I often associate with sport. Probably because we hear commentators talking about a player or a team, on a winning streak, being ‘unstoppable’!Unstoppable because they seem so good compared to the other players or teams, that there seems no-one or nothing that will be able to stop their winning streak.

The dictionary definition of unstoppable is “impossible to stop or prevent” – Doesn’t that sound just like God’s love for us? No matter what we say or do, God continues to love us, because his love for us is unstoppable.

Many have tried to stop God, and Jesus – Even killing Jesus wasn’t enough to stop Him, but the grave wasn’t able to hold Jesus.

God’s love is unstoppable, and for that I’m so grateful, as God continues to love me and forgive me. Thank you God for your unstoppable love.

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