How early is too early?

Believe it or not I’ve started listening to Christmas music already! Or to be more precise, I’ve started watching and listening to videos/recordings of Bellshill Salvation Army Band (BSAB) from previous Christmases.

Why? Well, as some of you know I look after our band’s social media presence (including website, Facebook and Twitter), and so because we’ve unable to meet to play together as a band since national lockdown in March this year, we’ve been sharing recordings and videos of the band from previous recordings as well as some brand new virtual recordings, and some devotional thoughts each week. So with Christmas coming in just over 5 weeks (!!!), I thought it was time to try and find some good recordings of the band from Christmases past.

So that’s my excuse for listening to Christmas music from BSAB. How about you? Are you thinking I’ve lost it, listening to Christmas music already, or are you thinking I’m super organised, or maybe even too organised? – not that I personally think that’s possible!

In reality though is it ever really too early to celebrate the birth of Christ? We may celebrate Christ’s birth at Christmas, but we should be celebrating that Christ is alive and living in us, every day of the year.

I hope I’m not fed up listening to Christmas music by the time we get to Christmas this year, but I guess we’ve normally started practicing our Christmas arrangements/music long before now, so I’m actually late is starting to listen to Christmas music this year! 🙂

Whatever your thoughts on when it’s acceptable to listen to Christmas music, remember it’s never too early to celebrate that Christ is alive!

P.S. Don’t worry, I’m not going to subject you to any Christmas music…yet!

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