Time on our hands

In this last year as many of us have found ourselves confined to the house for much of the time, due to the current pandemic. I’m sure for many of us, we’ve found that we’ve had lots of time on our hands which in normal times, we wouldn’t have had.

So what have you done with the ‘extra’ time you’ve found you have? Here’s a few things that I know some people have done with the ‘extra’ time they’ve had:

  • Taken up a new hobby; or
  • Done the jobs around the house you’ve been meaning to do for months or years; or
  • Done more gardening than ever before; or
  • If you play a music instrument – spent more time practicing; or
  • Cleaned the house much more than ever before; or
  • Cleared out your loft and/or garage; or
  • Organised (or reorganised) some of the rooms in your house; or
  • Spent more quiet time with God; or
  • Spent more time in your daily devotions.

Have you put your extra time to good use?

Let me ask you a question – pre COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, how much time each day did you spend in your devotions and quiet time with God? Compare that with how much you currently spend in your devotions and quiet with God each day, while we’re in lockdown (in the UK)?

These are difficult times we’re living in, where we can’t go and meet our friends and family or our work colleagues, so looking after our mental health is extra important just now. For me, I’ve found that I’ve been able to spend more time in my daily devotions, which I have found very beneficial. How about you, are you using your ‘extra’ time to spend more quality time with God?

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