Timing is everything

In sport, if our timing is off it can result in us losing the game or match. For example, in football, if a goalkeeper miss times their dive, it can result in the opposition scoring a goal; In tennis, if a player mistimes their volley, they could lose the point, the game or even the match.

It’s not just in sport it can make a difference if our timing is off, as in life too, there are situations where not being on time can be a matter of life and death; the difference between saying farewell to someone or years of regret at not being their for them; or the difference between being their for the birth of your child, or missing out on one of the most precious moments in your life.

While our timing may not always be perfect, God’s timing is always perfect. We may think God has forgotten about us or our prayers, He hasn’t and will answer them in His time, when he knows the timing will be perfect.

There is a time and a way for everything, even when a person is in trouble.

Ecclesiastes 8:6 (NLT)

So be patience, as God’s timing is always perfect

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