Look again at Easter

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, A Second Easter, I spoke about this being our 2nd Easter since the COVID-19 pandemic changed what our ‘normal’ life looks likes.

Today is about reminding yourself what Easter means to you – Does it mean the same to you this year as it did last year, or even what it meant 10 or 20 years ago?

Easter for so many is only about

  • Easter eggs
  • Cream eggs
  • Easter bunnies
  • Days off school or work
  • The official start of spring, as our clocks normally ‘spring’ forward an hour round about Easter, marking the start of Spring.

I do love Easter, not just because I do like Easter eggs, cream eggs and days of work, but for me The Cross, and Christ’s crucifixion changed my future.

That’s what Easter means to me, so now I ask you , what does it mean to you this year? If Easter to you isn’t about Christ, I’d ask you today to remember these things

  • If Jesus hadn’t been crucified at Calvary, we wouldn’t have Easter holidays, Easter eggs, Easter bunnies etc.
  • If Jesus hadn’t been crucified on a cross, and then risen from the dead, our sins wouldn’t have been forgiven, so our lives today would be so different.
  • If God hadn’t sent His Son to earth to die for our sins, we would have no hope for our future.

Do you still believe Easter isn’t about Christ?

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