Absence of fear

I’ve always had a keen interest in Nelson Mandela, probably because of all he stood against, apartheid – because he stood up to apartheid in South Africa he was imprisoned for many years, and I guess I was very aware of call to release him from prison and then his subsequent release during my last teens and early twenties.

He always seemed a very natural down to earth person, never seeking reward or praise for all he had stood against. He was a genuine guy who just wanted to do the all he could to make life better for others.

I was reminded again the other day of one of his quotes, and it really summed him up as I’m sure he felt fear when he was shouting out for justice and the end to apartheid, but he still had the courage to stand up for what he believed in.

It reminded me of our journey through life – We have no idea what lies ahead of us, but that doesn’t stop us carrying on, and facing our future, even when the are worried or scared about what the future may hold for us. As a Christian, I know I still have no idea what lies ahead of me in life tomorrow, but I do know that God walks with me – That to me is a good enough reason not to fear what lies ahead.

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