Came across this quote from Nicky Gumbel that I shared in a blog post a few years ago – I thought it was worth sharing again

Before you talk: LISTEN
Before you react: THINK
Before you criticise: PAUSE
Before you forget: FORGIVE 
Before you give up: TRY AGAIN

Nicky Gumbel

Great advice – If only we all remembered to take this advice before we jump straight into situations or conversations without knowing all the facts!

I’m not the best at putting into words what I want to say, so I know I often tend to use the wrong words to describe my feelings or thoughts, which can of course cause me some issues at times. That however doesn’t stop me trying again, but it does remind me that I need to always ask for God’s help and guidance because I want to be a better person.

I therefore ask you to re-read the quote from Nicky Gumbel again, and this time, be honest with yourself and with God, and think about whether you

Listen before you talk.
Think before you react.
Pause before you criticise.
Forgive before you forget.
Try again before you give up.

God can help you do all of those things, so before you do anything more, pray.

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