The joy of… #5

Have you ever stopped for a minute, to think about things which give you joy? Well I decided it was time for me to share a few thoughts about the things which bring me joy.

Today my ‘joy’ post is about sunshine!

A day always seems that little bit better when the sun is shining bright in the sky. You can be having the toughest of times, or the best of times, but just being outside in the sunshine seems to lift our spirits – Even though it may just life our spirits temporarily it is still a benefit to us.

Today was a glorious sunny day here and reasonably warm for this time of year, so I, like many of my neighbours were out working in the garden most of the afternoon. Yes, I was working hard, but after some long hard weeks at work it was great just to be outside especially as the sun was shining! I enjoyed being out in the open air even though I was gardening (I’m no gardener) – I’m not sure I’d have been so enthusiastic about doing the garden today if the sun hadn’t been shining.

The sun makes everything seem that little bit better.

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