I believe

Yesterday in We Believe I spoke about music as part of our worship within the Salvation Army, and how we, as a band, play and share our music because we believe our music can touch peoples’ hearts, and lead them to God.

Today in considering why I believe in God, I was looking for an image or photo to share, and came across this picture.

I can’t imagine being locked up in a prison cell because of my beliefs, or because of my nationality. I therefore find it hard to comprehend if my faith would be strong enough for me to honestly write, and believe in, the words that one holocaust prisoner wrote.

“I believe in God even when he is silent” – That for me has always been very hard, but I try to remind myself that maybe it’s me who isn’t ‘being still’ and listening for God to speak to me, and guide me. But if someone in a prison cell during the holocaust can keep on believing in those circumstances, surely I can when I’m having a tough day.

I believe in God, do you?

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