Return to office – part 2

A few week’s ago in Return to Office I told you how we were now required to return to working in the office 6 days in every 20. Well now we have another update…after just a few weeks, including the 2 weeks of the Easter school holidays, when a lot of people were on annual leave, it was decided that, due to ‘under occupancy’ of various buildings/office spaces, the office building we have been based in for many years, will be closed, and those based there will be relocated to the main building just a few hundred yards away.

So we’re on the move again! This last week we were all instructed to work from home every day so that the desks and equipment in our current building could be moved to our new location. We’ve now been told that starting from Monday next week (9 May), we are expected to work to our hybrid working plan again. i.e. work in the office 6 days in every 20 days.

We now won’t have the luxury of any other free/unallocate space that we can move into if we feel uncomfortable in what will be a very full and busy office – how much space there will be between desks is not currently clear to most of us, as we haven’t been in our new location either at all, or for a number of years.

The desks allocated to each of the sections in our service has now been done, and some of us are fairly sure that the number of desks allocated for our development teams, is short by one on at least one day, and on a day there are no free desks! So if everyone in our service that is meant to be in the office on those days is in, last person into work those days may find there is no desk for them!

Not sure who/how they worked out the maximum number of desks our service needs each day, but based on the numbers we needed in our current office space, there are several days when we will not have enough desks for everyone that is meant to be working in the office!

As I have said to several of my colleagues already, if we don’t have enough desks in the office for everyone who turns up in the office, I am more than happy to go home, and work from there!

This is going to be interesting!


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