Return to office – part 3

A few week’s ago in Return to Office, I told you how we were now required to return to working in the office 6 days in every 20. Then last week in Return to office – part 2, I told you we were being relocated to the main building just a few hundred yards from the location our service has always been based in.

This week I was in our new office location on my ‘usual’ day in the office. After being based in a building where we could look out the window and see over towards Glasgow, normally allowing us to see the weather that is probably coming in our direction. The same can definitely not be said of our new location! We’re now based on the ground floor, and the office only has a few windows which look out onto the other side of our building just a few metres away! Because we’re on the ground floor we also have to be right over at the window to even see any sky. For this very reason, our new office is not as bright and airy as our old office.

I mentioned last week that based on the number of desks needed in our old office space, there are several days when I thought we would not have enough desks for everyone that is meant to be working in the office! And sadly I was correct! We’ve now had a revised desk plan issued to us, and on almost every day there are not enough desk for the number of people who are expected to be in the office. At this time I do not know how they plan to resolve this, as we are still being expected to work in the office 6 days in every 20 days. Watch this space!

Added to this, there are specific desks in our area which have kit on them we need, but there are some days where although we have desks allocated for us, they are not ones which have the where the desks allocated to us don’t have the kit on them that we need to do our job efficiently. Again, at this time I have no idea if/when there is a plan to resolve this, as it had been highlighted this was an issue in the previous version of the desk plan. Watch this space for an update on this too!

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